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Movement Education

Providing mobile Gymnastics and Movement Education classes for the Early Learning sector.
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Delivering mobile Gymnastics and Movement Education classes to an early learning centre near you.

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Gymnastics and Movement Education is a specialist mobile program that caters to children aged 0-6 years old.

GAME’s Rugrats (0-2yo) and Coolcats (3-6yo) classes run for 30 minutes each week and are strategically designed to unlock children’s full potential through movement education.


Unlock your child's potential through our specialised programs.


0-2 YRS

Rugrats Program

Unlock your child’s full potential with our engaging Rugrats program for 0-2 year olds.


3-6 YRS

Coolcats Program

Boost your child’s development with our exciting Coolcats program for 3-6 year olds.


Captivating Movement Education for Children

At GAME, we are a family-owned business dedicated to providing captivating movement education for children. Led by Wes, our experienced instructor, our classes are designed to engage and captivate children’s attention, allowing them to unlock their full potential through movement.

We love GAME, Coach Wes and his crew! My children always look forward to learning and building on their skills. I highly recommend GAME to any family looking for quality gymnastics lessons.

Patricia Goncalves Ibrahim

GAME is so impressive. We attended the launch and my 4 little boys loved it!!

Flona Mansour

Wes is not only an absolutely incredible gymnastics coach, but he is also a guru with children – able to teach all ages respect, understanding, social skills and more. 

Nadia Fathinia

GAME is a good example of a business that delivers an exceptional program for young children and excels at unlocking the physical potential that children possess.

Happy Customer

My children love Coach Wes and their class with GAME. Every day they ask if today is Gymnastics day at childcare, and the moment they see the van parked out the front their faces light up. Fantastic business, thank you for making my children’s day every week.

NMLO Aluminium

I have kids in both the Rugrats and Coolcats groups, who LOVE when they get to do gymnastics with Coach Wes. They love the skills they learn and enjoy their time so much. I’m loving that they get to practice their balance and gross motor skills in a safe and educational environment with Coach Wes.

Megan Ewing

Ready, set, GAME!

Discover the Power of Movement Education

Our Rugrats and Coolcats classes are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, confidence, and more!

Safe, Fun
& Positive Environment

Safe, Fun & Positive Environment

We know that it can often take time for children to warm up to new people.

We believe that in order for children to be able to feel comfortable, enjoy participating in & benefit from our programs it’s essential that they be taught by the same coach week in, week out for the duration of each booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about GAME’s mobile classes, including locations, scheduling, and requirements.
GAME provides its services in Early Learning Centres across Sydney.
GAME provides its services in Early Learning Centres across Sydney.
Classes run weekly and are 30 mins in duration.
Our programs are designed to cater for o-6 year olds.
You can enquire with your childcare centre directly, or alternatively feel free to get in touch with us!

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